27 aug. 2009

Play A While A Pasage To India 6 months - 6 månader

(By Play A While Whitstable Bay Ale X Ch Play A While Lady Orlando)

26 aug. 2009

How much should a breeder be responsible for?

The other day I was contacted by phone by a very nice lady who wanted to have a whippet puppy. I would gladly have let her have a puppy from the litter I thought would be born within a few weeks as she sounded very serious. I tried to direct her in another direction as a friend has a litter and is looking for a buyer. But she felt travelling for a few hours would be to much and she wanted the breeder to live close by not only for not having to drive but also as she felt the contact with the breeder would be so much easier and so far I agreed with her but also said that most of the contact is over the phone and these days also by mail.

She understood this but she added; it would be so much better if the breeder lived nearby so that she could leave her whippet with the breeder when she went abroad on vacation..... She said it as this would be the most natural thing to ask for.....

I try to help puppy buyers in the ways I can and often I have kept puppies at home for weeks before being able to pick it up because of work and so on. My question is, since I bred the whippets I have at home (accept on from the US and that would not be practical to send her to California when going on vacation....), were do I have "the right" to leave my dogs if going on holiday??

How much is a breeder responsible for in the long run??

Funny things whippets do....

As you know most whippets develop special traits that so much reflect their personalities. My Buddha (Ch Play A While XXXX) was a very talkative whippet and this talking started when she was already 5 weeks old and I came with her favoutrite thing in the whole world, the food!! She would start saying whooooo. This way of talking was passed on to many of her children and down in the generations.

Buddha's relative Freja (Ch Play A While Blå Tåget) owned by Inger Andersson (Shahnadir whippets) behaves in the most peculiure way and if you visit this blog Sara Forsvall has published a small film when Freja displays her "techniques"!! This can according to Inger mean anything and she must interpret what her intention is.

24 aug. 2009

Play A While The Longest Journey 6 månader - 6 months

(By Play A While Whitstable Bay Ale X Ch Play A While Lady Orlando)

No puppies and other stuff

An un posed photo of our "oldie" Mymlan, taken the other day.

In the beginning of July I traveled to Finland to mate Juni (Ch Play A While Late Red Autumnhop Ale) but now we can establish that Juni is not in whelp and that is very disapointing as we looked forward to having a litter by C'Mere Ack Ack (Ch Pipsqueak Comanchero X Ch Play A While Amber Ale). On the other hand, this gives me a little bit more time to evaluate Juni's first litter that is till quite young!!

It has been long since I wrote anything on the blog but the last two weeks has been about going back to work and the first part of e new semester is always very hectic! Since Juni was mated I have not entered my dogs in any competitions so nothing to report from that horizon either. But I feel totally happy not going to nay shows as it have been many long journeys during the year and both me and the dogs needs a rest!!

Last week Eva Ekstam of Ronndal whippets came for a visit and as usual we had long discussions and mainly about whippet!!

Now I will have to sit down and figure out what to do with Juni when she comes in to season next time.

11 aug. 2009

Almann Spring's Caramelle - "Babsan"

I would like to wish Mona Lindström (kennel Dog Power's) the best of luck with her latest addition, Babsan, who seems to be quite a character!! Babsan is sired by Ch Play A While Kometen kommer out of Ch Balzac Bird On The Wire. Breeder is Annika Almli and we also wish the rest of the litter good luck in the future!!

Smilla on hiking trip

We had this wonderful photo of Smilla from her owner Margareta Meijer when they were on a hikinmg trip recently. Smilla is Play A While Goldings Summerhop Ale (Ch Ronndal Zinedine Zidane X Leyenda Miyabi Oh So Sexy).

8 aug. 2009

Att vara en "riktig" Lidköpingsbo...

Är man uppvuxen och bor i närheten av Lidköping ingår att man på lördagar skall till torget. På torget pågår varje lördag försäljning av allehanda varor och främst hittar man billiga, grönsaker, frukter och blommor. När man är på torget eller på gågatorna i närheten skall man stanna och utbyta trevlig konversationer med bekanta. Nu för tiden bor jag en bit utanför Lidköping och lördagar brukar jag sova så länge jag kan, så senast jag var på torget en lördag var väldigt länge sedan. Igår hämtade jag min mamma och vi for in till stan och gjorde allt det som förväntas att vi skall gör en lördag i Lidköping och vi hade riktigt trevligt. Det var lite extra pådrag denna lördag med massor av musik och diverse dansgrupper, men mitt i vimlet dök stadens "store son" Magnus Gabriel De la Gardie upp i egen person på gågatan!! Hans fru Maria Eufrosyne syns också till vänster.

7 aug. 2009

Play A While Karhu - Cato

Here together with his sister Våga, Play A While Arabia

Michaela Olsson kindly sent me photos of Cato that she met at a lure coursing traning the other day. Cato is by Ch Forgetmenot Flying Star out of Ch Play A While Late Red Autumnhop Ale.

6 aug. 2009

Juni & Viggo

Today I went for a very nice lunch at Ingemar's and Ingegerd's summer house and they own own Viggo (Play A While Whitstable Bay Ale) who is a litter sister to our Juni (Ch Play A While Late Red Autumnhop Ale). Viggo and Juni had very fun together!! If you study my blog you might have come across Viggo's name quite a lot recently and that in spite of living his life as a beloved pet, he has sired some very promising puppies, including the latest litter at Play A While out of Ch Play A While Lady Orlando.

4 aug. 2009

One more photo of Play A While A Room With A View

Photo: Pernila Öberg

Congratulations Fasu & Tarja

Saturday Play A While Fazer (by Ch Forgetmenot Flying Star out of Ch Play A While Late Red Autumnhop Ale) won a first CAC (CC) under judge Markku Kipinä. Congratulations to owner Tarja Pohjanvirta in Finland!!

3 aug. 2009

Play A While A Room With A View

"Saga" is just over 5 months old in these photos. She is by Play A While Whitstable Bay Ale out of Ch Play A While Lady Orlando. Saga lives at kennel Skyborn.

Play A While Lady Orlando on the move!

Photo: Mathias Wendt