24 juni 2014

Introducing the sisters 4,5 months old!

 Play A While Kyle Akin, "Hallon".
 Hallon on the move!
Play A While Scapa Flow, "Arina". Residing at Play A While

23 juni 2014

Very nice weekend for Play A While

Last weekend was very nice for for several of our beedings from Play A While. Here are four of them presented after a successful weekend!:))
 Play A While Bang won a CAC (CC) under breed specialist Kirsten Landsverk at the Sighthound show at Tånga Hed!!!
 Ch Play A While Tiimari won a CAC and CACIB in Finland and is now also a Finnish champion!:))
 Play A While North Sea best puppy under breed specialist Rudi Brandt in Denmark!:))
 Play A While Strait of Dover was best dog puppy both Saturday and Sunday at two specialties under two breed judges!:))
One happy owner/breeder winning the CAC!:))