15 aug. 2014

New litter - hopefully!

In about two months time we hope for a new litter at Play A While, in this very exciting combination. Thanks to Ingunn Ohrem for good cooperation!

Pendahr Puttin On The Ritz X Ch Play A While Bang

 Ch Play A While Bang. Very lightly shown but a Swedish champion in record time!

Pendahr Puttin On The Ritz. Still to Young to be a champion but have won several CAC!

6 aug. 2014

Report Whippet Club of Scotland

First a big thank you to the committee of Whippet Club of Scotland for inviting me and also to Johnston and Jessie McLeod for taking such good care of me! It was a great honour to judge this show and judging a breed club show in the UK must be the finest one can judge! I felt extremely proud! I remember back in the early eighties when I first started going to the UK and had the privilege to meet and talk to so many in the breed with such long experience and that was so generous to this young and “eager” man that wanted to learn so much and it felt special that on this day a few of these people actually came to show under me. I have been to many shows in the UK over the years and dreamed about one day being in the middle of the ring in the breed’s home country and this day my dream came true and I had a fabulous day but I was so concentrated it was first afterwards I actually could enjoy the day fully!

It was great that it was such a good entry!
The overall quality was very good and it was easy to find my placing’s. Someone asked me afterwards how I would compare the quality to the Swedish whippets and I said that the best ones we have are probably as good as the best ones in the UK, but we lack that depth of quality in so many individuals. I feel one have to go to the UK to find such a depth of quality in so many individuals with a true whippet type. I was very pleased, that overall the whole entry was in such good condition, well-muscled and nice coat! Being a regular visit to the UK over the years I was happy that I felt sidegait have improved. Earlier I found many to have a short but to my joy I could find a number of individuals with a low to the ground long stride, moving with ease.

Muscles in a whippet is so important and now having judged whippets all over the world I thought “hallelujah” in Scotland as 100% of the entered whippets had such a good muscle tone! These good muscles combined with good coat (found a couple of youngsters with a bit “rough” coat) made a very nice impression to me.

On the downside I must say that upper arms was the main problem. The length of the bone was ok but the angle was in to many just too straight and the elbow was placed wrong and looking from the front it was a “whole” between the legs.

MPD (5, 1a) 1, Head’s Demerlay Hitting It Hard Such a stunning puppy dog. Beautiful outline and very elegant and such a superb mover!,2. Beckett-Bradshaw’s Drakesoak Haunting At Hutaka Quality dog that caught my eye as soon as he entered the ring. A really nice “frame” to mature in. Very sound mover. First in the class just a bit more mature.

PD (11, 3a), Marston-Pollock’s Monventure Valentino 2 Very promising puppy dog that showed so well. Very beautiful outline in total balance. Such a sound mover both from the side as well as coming and going. Well presented ! , Ritchie’s Demerlay Tropic Thunder Like his brother in the other class this dog impressed me with his lines and balance. Very promising! In such good condition.

JD (7, 1a) 1, Howgate’s Palmik Live To Tell JW 2 Such a sound boy. Hard to criticize. Should have a very positive future being so well built overall and such a sound mover from all angles. , Smith’s Collooney Sea Eagle At Lorbri Very nice overall impression with elegant lines. Enough angulation in front and back and moved easily.

YD (9, 1a) 1, Davies & Gilmour’s Marimay Mosesh The right curves and very good mover. Very true whippet type. Very good body and depth of brisket. Stood so well on his legs. So very well presented and moved very well. 2, Jones Jothryn Bjorne To Love This dog caught my attention as the class lined up being very striking and eye catching. Superb head and expression and a beautiful outline and moved out very well. Suspected when seeing him he carried some foreign blood behind him, and he did!

ND (8, 2a) 1, Head’s Demerlay Hitting It Hard 2, Coulter’s Collooney Swings Both Ways

GD (10, 2a) Wheeler’s Ranveli Swede As A Nut This dog pleased me so much on the move with his big ground covering stride that was so effortless. Very nice outline that he kept moving and standing. So very well balanced without any exaggerations. Very nice curves all through. Res CC. 2, Jones Jothryn Bjorne To Love

PGD (12, 1a) 1, Martin’s Piersland Iron Man At Lorabar I really liked this boy. Such a classic whippet with gentle curves and moderate but still appealing. In very good condition. Very well balanced and very sound mover from all angles. 2, Keenan’s, Smith’s & Mixides Railfield Rainicon in Yialousa JW It was a very close call between first and second. A bit different proportions in this dog than number one but also a true, true whippet of a type that is so timeless. Balanced angulations, deep body and a soft curvy outline. Very sound mover.

LD (19, 1a) 1, Holt’s Barnesmore Tiger of Gold A very sound and substantial dog that excelled in his powerful and attractive sidegait that made him the winner. 2, Cuthbert’s & Matthews Mossbawnhill In Hot Pursuit Very attractive dog that was just a bit immature compared to the winner but also such a good mover. Long and beautiful neck and such a pleasing topline. Very well presented!

OD (15, 2a) 1, Ritchie’s & Ritchie-Smith’s Demerlay Vanilla Sky Over Gwendariff JW What a stunning whippet dog. Saw him straight away as he entered the ring. Combined strength with elegance and such a pleasing outline with nice curves. Moved with such ease and covering ground. Very pleasing head and expression. Beautiful neck and very harmonic topline. Good angulations. CC this day and was happy to hear, this made him up. 2, Eades Ch Courthill Cast A Spell Such a nice boy with lots of charisma. Covered ground well both standing and moving. Superb mover from all angles.

VD (5) 1, Andrew’s Chibuku Political Agenda at Sharmusombined Classical type that combined strength and elegance. Moved freely. Well presented. 2, Pahnkke’s & Brown’s Peperone Patent Pending well kept veteran dog that was well bodied. Moved well when he was in the mood.

VB (6, 1a) Hunter’s Ir & Int Ch Collooney Mamma Mia Such a nice old lady with a striking outline with beautiful curves and lots of elegance but at the same time strong. Very “eye catching” whippet and very well presented! 2, Thomson’s Scottish Girl By Berwicklaw Sh CM Also a beautiful old lady that was very sound and such a smooth mover.

MPB (5) 1, Head’s Demerlay Endless Love A very pleasing and “naughty” little girl that excelled in her pleasing smooth outline and so feminine and attractive. 2, Mycroft’s Shiny Sensations Spirit of Love For Supeta Such an attractive young girl with fabulous outline and beautiful lines. Thought she was my winners when I saw her first but just needs to settle in movement but I think we will see more of her in the future!

PB (7, 1a) 1, Coulter’s Collooney Pearl’s A Swinger A very sound but still stylish young girl that was overall very well built. Very feminine and moved very soundly. 2, Bray’s Cyangrange Madame Mutt Very stylish with such nice curves. Especially long and beautiful neck.

JB (10, 3a) 1, Brown’s Oakbark Magic Touch Very close call between first and second but this girl moved out a bit more than second. Very nice curves and elegant lines and moved with power. 2, Meakin’s Oakbark Made You Look very feminine and attractive type. Good angulations and very well presented.

YB (18, 1a) 1, Jones Jothryn Bjorne A again I really liked this girl. Such a stunning outline and so attractive and eye catching and a very good mover. Superb neck and good angulation in both front and back. When fully matured I think she will be a winner! 2, Hunter’s Mossbawnhill Crowd Appeal Such a well-balanced young lady that should also have bright future with such a beautiful outline without any exaggerations but still so appealing and what a good mover with style.

NB (7, 1a) 1, Hardcastle’s Collooney Lizzie Giz Abit Very true whippet bitch of a classical type that was very pleasing to the eye. Moved with such ease and very well presented. 2, Meakin’s Oakbark Made You Look
GB (7, 1a) 1, Jones Jothryn Bjorne Again 2, Head’s Demerlay Endless Love

PGB (13, 2a) 1, McKinnon’s Scolivcn Rokn These Stripes A strong bitch with a stunning and appealing outline that caught my eye right away power, but at the same time very elegant. Very deep brisket and well bodied. Very good in front and back. Moved easily with power and good length of stride. 2, Morris April Showers At Crosscop Also a whippet of a type that feels so timeless. Overall so very well built with soft curvy lines that she kept standing and moving. Moved very soundly.

LB (21) 1, Davies & Gilmour’s Turnstone Tiger Lily Wow, what a whippet. Stunning outline with curvy lines that are so generous but at the same time she is modest, how I feel a whippets should be. Beautiful neck and superb angulation in front and back and a good body and deep brisket. Great mover from all angles and presented in such a superb manner! This bitch somehow reminded me of the stunning Birkonbrae bitches that I saw in the nineties both in the UK and Sweden She won the CC and finally BIS this day. 2, Marston-Pollock’s Victoria Backham of Gentle Mind This bitch also caught my eye immideatley in the first line up with her generous outline that is so well balanced. Such a pretty head, beautiful neck, deep body and nice curves. Moved easily and also very well presented.

OB (14, 3a) 1, Howgate’s & Hull’s Ch/Am Ch Merci Isle Magnolia At Palmik Such and attractive bitch that can be so appealing and stunning but still not overdone in any respect. Beautiful curvy outline. Superb head with the sweetest expression and good pigmentation. Such a good mover with ease and power at the same time. Very well presented! Res CC on the day and ended up winning Res BIS. 2, Howgate’s & Hull’s Ch Palmik Magical Whispers JW A bitch I have seen many times over the years and it was interesting to go over her as she is such a quality bitch and so well put together and great mover. Very well presented and in good condition.

Although I really liked the winning dog I thought the two bitches were the best on the day so the two winning bitches was BIS and Res BIS.

Henrik Härling, Sweden

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