18 juli 2010

Whippets in the north of Sweden

Play A While Tiimari
Play A While A Passage To India

Play A While A Room With A View

To the left BOS Play A While A Room With A View BOS, in the middle judge Bitte Ahrens and on the right BOB Höglias Trollbunden

Friday, Saturday and Sunday one could show whippets each day in the north of Sweden. Several whippets bred by Play A While were shown each day with very good results. We were especially happy to hear that Susanne Forsgren had entered "Mira", Play A While Tiimari considering she was lost for two weeks in a huge forest area but finally came home! Mira did very well winning the open class and was best bitch number 4 under Susanne Oschinski (Whipcat) Friday and fifth best bitch Saturday under Bitte Ahrens (Sobers).

Saturday Play A While A Room With A View ended up best bitch and BOS under Bitte Ahrens winning a first CAC!! "Saga" is owned by Ursula Andersson of Skyborne whippets.

Also Play A While A Passage To India "Sakkari" and litter sister Play A While Pippington Park "Greta" were placed in their classes the days they were shown.

2 kommentarer:

Sara och Miki sa...

Vad roligt med framgångarna för Play a While i norr i helgen!

Play A While sa...

Tack Sara!:)