13 jan. 2011

Henrik´s first judging assigment

BOS Ch Burnt Sienna Midsummer Breeze BOB Ch Albicans Music Man
CAC dogs, Courtborn Don't Be Cruel

CAC bitches, Wolf Tone Maja Mauser

BOB-puppy Zelig Viva La Bam BOS-puppy Twyborn Eliza Lundy

Examening one entry.

Thinking about what to do!:)

Friday last week I made my debut as an official judge in Gothenburg. In conjunction with the big international happening My Dog the Western Sighthound Club held a specialty and I judged a number of sighthound puppies, whippet and greyhound. It was a lovely day with lots of nice dogs and I now really look forward to my next assigment in Finland in March in Kaarina outside Turku!:) In Finland I am going to judge whippet and Irish wolfhound.

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sayhas sa...

last pic is the best!

Play A While sa...

Like the photo also!!:)) Henrik