11 maj 2009

Bra gjort Miki - Well done Miki

Miki 16 months old. Photo: Filip Snäck
I lördags gjorde Miki (Play A While marimekko) sin debut på LC-fältet med bravur genom att bli 13:e av 85 startande. Stort grattis till Sara Forsvall som är så duktig med Miki på alla sätt!!

Saturday Miki (Play A While Marimekko) did her debut in the lure coursing field. She did very well ending up thirteen from 85 that started!!. Big congratulations to Sara Forsvall who is so good with Miki in all sorts of activities!!

2 kommentarer:

Patience-please sa...

oh my! She had to compete against 85 whippets? We make it much easier over here; dividing the entry into "stakes", the largest of which is 10 in ASFA, or 15 in AKC.
Congratulations on such a great job!

Play A While sa...

Maybe I was a bit confusing? They run two and two and run two races and you get points and an avarge is counted for the two races. So what I meant is that 85 whippets were entered in all and they were divided up two and two.