2 aug. 2010

4 days full of dogs, dogs and dogs....:))

All photos courtesy of Susanne Holst
Ch Play A While Lady Orlando

Play A While Mymlan nearly 11 years old!
Memma's daughter's Greta and Pippi were pleased to meet!:))

Borther and sister Sakkari and Greta!

Wednesday I went up to Eskilstuna and our big Whippet Club Show that is now a day at the nice place Vilsta that is perfect for us dog people as dogs are welcome everywhere! The Whippet Club held a members meeting in the evening were the committee explained what they are focusing at and the members had the possibility to ask questions. We then had a look at a film from the 10 years anniversary show at Skokloster in 1986. Since I was presnt at this show I could point out both people and dogs for those who came in to the breed later on, but it was fun to see the style of clothes and hairdo:)) Also interesting to see how the whippets have changed!

Thursday Lynn Yacoby-Wright judged the dogs and after a short while the sky opened and it started pouring down with rain and it went on in to late evening... Not fun for dogs or people!! The following day she judged the bitches and I showed Ch Play A While Lady Orlando ("Memma") who was placed four in the champion's class and considering the rain Friday also I was pleased about the placing in a strong class and she was rewarded UK (excellent quality)! Then I showed her mother Play A While Mymlan who is soon 11 years old. She loved it and ended up second in the veteran's class. Lynn only handed out 10 UK of all bitches entered so Memma's UK felt very nice!:))

Saturday I first went to see Anna-Lena Bäckvall (Balzac whippets) and we sat down looking at photos from the show drinking a cup of tea! After that I went to Kicki Sandell of Zelig whippets. Kicki currently has a litter 5 weeks old at home out of Play A While Sent I November (the litter is by Höglias Trollbunden). It was very nive seeing the puppies and they sure look very promising in my eyes!

I went up really early Sunday morning for a long drive to Ransäter and an international all breed show to do a last assignment (to be a judge on the breed) on Irish Wolfhounds under judge Nenne Runsten. It was a nice day in spite of all the rain!

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