24 aug. 2010

Slow autumn after a hectic summer!

The whole process of becoming a show judge on 5 sighthound breeds is extremely time consuming at since the middle of May I think only one weekend have been free of dogs shows were I have done assignments since 5 assigments for each breed is required. Now I am seeing "the light in the tunnel" and if everything goes all right I only have 2-3 three assignments left until I am a judge on all 5 breeds...!!

Therefore I am very happy and grateful that so many other people keeps the Play A While flag flying high going around showing their whippets bred at Play A While, since I don´t show anything at all my self!:) Thanks to all involved!!:)

Now I am back at work and not many weekends are booked for "doggy things" this autumn and when I am working I need most weekends to relax and ´"charge the batteries" for the week days as working as a teacher can drain your energy!!

The journey in becoming a judge has been very rewarding and very exciting and I have learned so much from experienced people with lots of knowledge they are prepared to share!!

Winter will be interesting as I have my two first judging assignments booked in Sweden and Finland!


2 kommentarer:

Whippeten Nota sa...

Wohoo! Otroligt bra jobbat med att hinna allt du gjort hitills och ännu bättre om du nu blir aktoriserad domare på dessa fem raser under denna korta men intensiva tid!!! Play A While rules! =)

Maria Brisvall sa...

Lycka till, Henrik! Du blir en tillgång i "domarskrået"!!