20 okt. 2010

Sad news about "Jesper", Ch Play A While Abbot Ale

Jesper is no longer with us. Jesper had a special place in my heart as he was over 6 months old when he left to live with Siskoraila in Finland. Jesper has had a long and good life. One August night back in 1996 Jesper and his siblings were born by Ch Quatrains Hermes out of Ch Play A While XXXX. Jesper was an International, and Nordic champion as well as group winner and he produced some lovely children!:)

My thoghts goes to Siskoraila in Kuopio, Finland who gave Jesper a very good life!:))

4 kommentarer:

Elisabeth sa...

Mitt hjärta hoppar till när hundar dör, även om jag inte kände denna fina hund

Mia Winroth sa...

Vad sorgligt Henrik. Jesper var en otroligt vacker och tilltalande hund. Jag kommer ihåg när han var med på Piteå Int ett år kan det ha varit 98-99 någon gång. Han var utan tvekan ursnygg.

Sinttu Ruuskanen sa...

Just one day I wondered how Siskoraila and Jesper are doing. I live in same city, but haven't seen them long time. Jesper was one of the most beautiful whippets.

Anonym sa...

Dear Henrik,
Thank you for your touching and sympathetic greetings.
I'm very sad at the moment and miss Jesper very much.
All the best to you and your whippets!