11 apr. 2009

Amerikanska "The National" - American Whippet Club National

Best of Breed

540 CH SNOW HILL CALLIOPE JC . HP26670502 . 7/8/07. Brdr: Susanne Hughes DVM. CH SPORTINGFIELD HOT TOPIC - CH SNOW HILL MIND BODY & SOUL JC. Owners: Susanne Hughes DVM . (Bitch)

Best of Winners
137 FESTIVA’S BEEN THERE DONE THAT . HP29499901 . 1/31/08. Brdr: Katie Rudolph, Dr. Suzanne Hughes. SPORTING FIELDS MOVE ON - CH FESTIVA’S WHATS YOUR EXCUSE. Owners: Dionne Butt, Dan Black .
Best of Opposite
525 CH SPORTING FIELD’S ROCK ON . HM93992707 . 11/24/00. Brdr: Dionne E. Butt, Owen J. Light. CH WENRICK’S MAN ABOUT TOWN - MIMBRES ZOPHISTICATE N FLD. Owners: Dan Black, Bruno Gideon, Dionne Butt .
1. 642 CH STARLINE’S CHANEL . HP28854802 . 12/13/07. Brdr: Lori Lawrence, Carey Lawrence, Dianne Bowen. CH SUMBEAM REMBRANDT OF ENDEAVOR - CH STARLINE’S DREAM DATE. Owners: Lori Lawrence, Carey Lawrence . Agent: Lori Wilson. (Bitch)
2. 688 CH YORKTOWN’S EXTRA VITAMIN C, JC . HM96213102 . 6/20/01. Brdr: Ellen Morgan. CH DENGAYLES SHOW BIZ - CH YORKTOWNS I GOT IT. Owners: Scot Northern, Ellen Morgan .
3. 650 CH SPORTING FIELD’S BAHAMA SANDS . HP28248102 . 9/29/07. Brdr: Dionne Butt, Jesse Martin. CH SPORTING FIELD’S LIVE ON - CH MILL LANDING’S BAHAMA BREEZE. Owners: Jane Cooney-waterhouse, Dionne Butt . Agent: Amanda Giles. (Bitch)
4. 550 CH SEASPELL’S POINT CABRIA, SC . HM96896410 . 6/7/01. Brdr: Judith Britton, Karen Roberson. CH SNOWCAP’S WILDCARD GOODFELLOW - CH SEASPELL’S BEACH MUSIC. Owners: Polly Clement, Karen Roberson . (Bitch)
5. 590 CH ABLEAIM JUST NOT ANTHR PRETTY FACE SC . HP17151504 . 8/4/05. Brdr: Jenny Boyd, Gail Boyd. ABLEAIM I’M IN A HURRY - CH ABLEAIM HEART BREAKER. Owners: Jenny Boyd, Gail Boyd . (Bitch)
6. 139 KAMADA’S INSTANT MILLIONAIRE . HP28426202 . 11/26/07. Brdr: Debbie Davenport, Kathleen Davenport. CH ABLEAIM KODAK MOMENTS - CH KAMADA’S MILLION DOLLAR BABY. Owners: Debbie Davenport, Kathleen Davenport . (Dog)
7. 758 CH SHAMASAN FLAME ‘N QUEEN RN JC . HM80426108 . 11/16/98. Brdr: Phoebe Booth, Cheri Boutelle, Cora N Miller. CH SLADE’S BUGLE BOY BLU - CH QUEENIE’S HEARTS A FIRE. Owners: Phoebe J. Booth, Joan L. Fisher, Cora N. Miller .
8. 620 CH SNOW HILL ONYX AT STONELEDGE . HP26670503 . 7/8/07. Brdr: Susanne Hughes D.V.M. CH SPORTINGFIELD HOT TOPIC - CH SNOW HILL MIND BODY & SOUL. Owners: James Clever, Susanne Hughes DVM . Agent: LESLEY ANNE POTTS. (Bitch)
9. 395 CH SUNBEAM REMBRANDT OF ENDEAVOR JC . HP09034103 . 2/6/04. Brdr: Danielle Jacobsen, Pete Jacobsen, Linda Stewart. CH CHELSEA WHERE’S THE SMOKE JC - CH ENDEAVOR’S PURPLE REIGN JC. Owners: Danielle Jacobsen, Peter Jacobsen . (Dog)
10. 371 CH FLEETWOOD RETURN TO SENDR . HP16019901 . 9/15/04. Brdr: Miss L. H. Atcheler. SPORTINGFIELD AFRAZIBIDY - SPORTING FIELDS HEAVEN SENT. Owners: Dionne Butt, Yvonne Sovereign . (Dog)
All results from the official homepage for the show
Judge: Magnus Hagstedt, Signum whippets, Sweden
Results also at: EWhippetzine

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