30 sep. 2009

Whippet conference

This coming weekend the Swedish Whippet Club is hosting a conference concerning the whippet breed and lots of breeders and other people involved in whippets are coming. The conference will evolve around health issues, mentality and function. Hopefully this will be a very constructive weekend in exchanging ideas!

I will get back with a report on what we talked about. The conference will take place at the same very nice place as the Swedish Whippet Club show was held, in July, a camping place with hotel and super surroundings for walking with the dogs and so on!!

A lot of important issues was covered at last year's international congress and I hope that we will go in depth of some of the things discussed last summer!!

3 kommentarer:

Inger sa...

Oh, vad bra om du skriver en rapport från konferensen! Hade själv velat vara där men har svårt att vara ledig från jobbet just nu och det är lite "knöligt" att ta sig dit för oss med lång resväg!
Ser fram mot rapporten -skriv massor:-))!!

Anonym sa...

Skall försöka så gott jag kan!! Nästa vecka gäller ju pluggande, till vad vet du, eller hur?


Inger sa...

Jajamen - det där FIXAR du!!Håller tummarna!