24 jan. 2009

Last summer-förra sommaren Gala Match Show

Last summer during the 5th international congress Tuesday evening (and night…) the Gala Match Show took place. It was a very nice evening and what I remember the Swedish summer weather was on our side and in this very nice evening the top 5 whippets from each Nordic country was invented (accept for Iceland) and the majority came!!

My Memma won each round and was among the last three that competing for BIS this evening but she was beaten by a dog from Norway (Ch Courtborne Ramazzotti). The other day I was sent a photo from Lisa Winder (Burnt Sienna) of Memma and me from the show and according to the photo we had fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Don't you think?? And yes, it was a very fun, but a long evening and night!!!!! Memma ended up BIS-2!!
I even dressed up in a suit!!!

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